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One of the challenges with diabetes is the fact that people suffering with the disease are inclined to have problems with their feet. There are mainly two issues a Diabetic needs to worry about. First, is peripheral diabetic neuropathy and the other is peripheral vascular disease. In the first situation, the person loses sensation in his toes and feet owing to low blood circulation and nerve damage caused by diabetes. In peripheral vascular disease, the arteries in the legs harden, restricting the blood flow from entering the feet. Sometimes, this leads to infection resulting in severe pain in the feet. This is why doctors recommend the use of diabetic footwear for these patients.

How does diabetic footwear help your feet?

  • It relieves high-pressure areas.  

Diabetic Footwear helps to relieve areas of excessive pressure on the foot.  It prevents skin breakdown or ulcers.

  • It reduces Shock and Shear. 

Diabetic Footwear reduces the amount of shock or vertical pressure on the bottom of the foot. It also reduces shear or horizontal movement of the foot within the shoe.

  • It accommodates, stabilizes and supports Deformities.

Diabetic Footwear is quite effective in accommodating deformities like amputations, hammer toes and other kinds of deformities resulting from Charcot involvement and loss of fatty tissue. Such deformities are stabilized by diabetic footwear to lessen pain and prevent further destruction. Doctors recommend the usage of diabetic footwear to control or decrease progression of the deformity.

  • It restricts Motion of Joints. 

Diabetic Footwear plays an important role in decreasing pain and inflammation in the foot by restricting motion of certain joints in the foot. This further helps in making the foot more stable and functional.

Why is MCP in Footwear Preferred?

MCP or Micro Cellular Polymer is the Co-polymer foam used in diabetic footwear to protect the foot. Also known as Evazote, it is odourless, hygienic and much compatible to human body. Moreover, it forms to the shape of bottom of the foot thereby distributing foot pressure and relieving pain. This is why it is highly recommended by endocrinologist and podiatrists mostly in Europe, USA and Japan. MCP in Diabetic & Orthopedic footwear is undoubtedly an innovation for comfort, protection and therapy.

How to Choose the Perfect Diabetic Footwear?

  • Get the proper fit

It is advisable to measure your feet and then make the shoes fitted properly. As feet of most of the people tend to be slightly differently sized, you should try on both shoes before buying to ensure perfect fit and comfort. Perhaps, you should also check your feet for signs of poor fitting like redness or blemishes.


Pick the right material and shape

Leather and micro-cellular polymer are regarded as the best natural material for footwear as it reduces sweating and provides good support. However, you should avoid wearing shoes with pointed ends and high heeled shoes that cause parts of the foot to endure an inappropriate high amount of pressure.

So whether you have been just diagnosed or have had diabetes for several years, Diabetic & Ortho footwear can certainly help prevent foot problems.

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